Saltiga Metals specialize in custom ute tray fabrication. We build heavy duty aluminium ute trays, steel ute trays, ute canopies and tool boxes.


Aluminium ute trays won’t rust. They do not require paint and are up to 60% lighter than the steel equivalent. This makes it the ideal choice to increase payload while not affecting the vehicle’s GVM. The welded aluminium ute trays are relatively unaffected by saltwater, fertilisers and the majority of agricultural chemicals.


Our heavy duty steel ute trays are all made using Australian steel, not imported steel, to ensure quality, consistency and durability. The ute trays are fully welded in their construction to eradicate any chance of ever having to deal with loose or rattling nuts, bolts and rivets.

Custom Ute Tray Fabrication Perth

We can design and build a custom ute tray that functions the way you need it to. This sets the foundation for optimal weight distribution, efficient packing and effective load anchoring. The features you’ll need will depend on your vehicle type, the kind of loads you’ll be carrying, and how you’ll access them. 

Saltiga Metals is based in Wangara, Perth and are renowned 
for high quality and competitive prices. We can custom fabricate almost anything from mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Custom Ute Tray Fabrication Perth

Do you need to deck out your ute?
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